A hyper focused sales prospecting tool

ZM Leads is a proven B2B sales lead generation tool, focused solely on the UK market. It is designed to speed up your existing sales effort by automating the process of prospecting as much as possible. By sending the right email to the right person at the right company it greatly increases your sales conversion rates.
Target the right companies

Target the right companies

Initial prospect lists are tailor made from enriched UK Companies House data. You can refine your prospect list by postcode, SIC code, turnover, age, employee count or website technology.

Contact the right person

Contact the right person

Easily find the right person to contact from searchable lists created using third-party sources and the public websites of prospects. ZM Leads includes Machine Learning technology to automatically highlight suitable contacts.

Send the right email

Send the right email

For a more personal approach emails in ZM Leads are designed to look like they were written in standard mail clients such as Outlook. HTML email templates speed up the creation of emails and tracking technology gives a warmth score for contacts.

ZM Leads In Detail

Target the right companies

The ZM Leads onboarding process starts with the creation of an initial data set of UK companies to act as your prospect list. This is a bespoke, collaborative process with refinements possible by data facets such as postcode, SIC code, turnover, number of employees, age of company and credit limit.

This initial prospect list is then augmented with the latest filings from Companies House and, where available, information from a prospect's public website.

Within ZM Leads you can search your prospect list and drill down by a range of facets. You can save these searches for future reference. ZM Leads also has prospect duplication detection to prevent you wasting time trying to contact the various child companies of a prospect.

Contact the right person

ZM Leads revolves around sending 'first contact' emails to prospects. In order to find the right person for you to contact we pull in data from a variety of third-party sources as well as from the public websites of prospects. We record the source URL where a contact email address was found and, where possible, the position of the contact (e.g. Operations Director, Marketing Manager etc). The list of possible contacts in ZM Leads is searchable and it's a one click process to proceed to draft an email to the selected contact.

ZM Leads includes Machine Learning technology to automatically start highlighting 'good' contacts based off contacts you've previously sent emails to.

Send the right email

ZM Leads is designed to speed up the prospecting process, but it's a world away from being a bulk email tool. The impersonal nature of bulk mailing lists makes for very poor conversion rates. Instead ZM Leads allows you to create an unlimited number of email templates which are an advanced starting point for customisation prior to sending to a contact. Templates are designed to look just like bespoke emails written in standard mail clients. There are a variety of dynamically substituted variables available to speed customisation up, and you can review and edit every email in full prior to sending. Combined with a bespoke HTML email signature your emails are more likely to be opened and read.

ZM Leads also makes use of email open tracking technology to log how many times your email has been downloaded by a recipient. This in turn gives a warmth score for contacts so you can focus follow up sales efforts to maximise conversions.

ZM Leads In Action

Filter companies

Filter companies by chosen criteria tailored to suit your business.

Identify contacts

Automatically identify relevant contacts from multiple sources for each prospect.

Send emails

Choose a matching user-defined template and quickly send emails.

Track activity & performance

Monitor activity of your sales team to provide key insight and track performance.